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This workshop on Biblical meditation is going to be the most exciting, deep dive into the truly fascinating hidden mysteries of The Word/Heart of The Great King. In this teaching we are going to demystify the fascinating lost art/practice of Biblical meditation. For the first time in almost two thousand years this teaching will allow every believer in The Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and therefore The Bible the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to experience the blessings of this very powerful ''Spiritual'' tool. In this workshop we will discuss these ideas from a Biblical perspective. 🔥The Power Of Thought. 🔥The Power Of Thought Demonstrated In Real Time. 🔥The Hidden Biblical Definition of ''Faith'' 🔥Head coverings & Prayer & Meditation. 🔥How To Approach The Great Kings Throne. 🔥Why We Close Our Eyes In Prayer. 🔥The Identity Of The Quantum Field. 🔥The ''Secret Place'' Of Ps 91 Revealed. 🔥Basic Biblical Meditation Formula. 🔥10min Guided Biblical Meditation. And much more. We believe the understanding shared in this teaching is going to allow believers to access ''A closer more intimate connection to YHVH (The LORD) & Messiah'', ''Spiritual Healing'' ''Manifestation Of Goals'' and most importantly the ''Spiritual preparation'' of The Bride for the second out pouring of Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) which must take place before the return of Messiah. If you are seeking a deeper more intimate relationship with YHVH (The LORD) & His Messiah

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